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Included Features:

Preparing for Sale

  • Sellability Advisor

    ExitAdviser's Sellability Advisor™ is an interactive tool which lets you determine how "sellable" your business is, along with suggestions on key value aspects that need to be improved.

  • Business Valuation

    An easy-to-use, yet professional business valuation tool to come up with a rationally calculated asking price. Provided is a complete Valuation Report to download.

  • Sales Memorandum

    A handy sales memorandum tool to highlight your offer's key value propositions. Serious buyers will be interested in details, so you can keep your Sales Memorandum well-prepared.

  • Sales Documents

    An end-to-end collection of sales documents: agreement templates, contracts, form letters, and checklists to download (30+ files). View the full collection..

  • Task-management

    A robust 4-step process with a built-in task management framework and Seller Dashboard.

  • Support

    E-mail support from your account manager at ExitAdviser | San Jose

    Build your own support team. Talk to advisors such as tax attorneys, business brokers, and retirement advisors near you.

Addressing Buyers and Closing the Deal

  • NEW!  Sell Your Business Dicretely and Confidentially

    ExitAdviser's Pitch-to-Brokers Tool lets you sell your business quietly and confidentially. Nearby business brokers, advisors, and lenders will receive your sale offer in the form of a confidential, hardcopy letter, which is impossible to ignore.

  • Your Sale Listing and Landing Page

    Included with all plans is your featured sale listing on the Marketplace. Photos, presentations and financials can be uploaded easily. View a sample landing page.

  • Google Ads

    ExitAdviser's Go-to-Market Tool manages your advertising campaign via the Google Ads platform to bypass competing offers and talk to online buyers directly. Included with the STANDARD plan is a prepaid package of 50 Google Ad clicks (worth $100). With every plan, you can always buy click-packages to keep your campaign well-fueled (view the Optional Services and Renewals section below).

  • Deal Documents

    You will be provided with a complete set of legal documents such as Letter of Intent, Business Sale Agreement, Due Diligence Checklist, Seller Financing Contract, etc. View all templates for closing the deal.

  • Advisors Near You

    Connect with prescreened advisors such as financial advisors, tax attorneys, and business lawyers near you ? Talk-to-Advisors Tool.

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We provide a 30-day Money-Back Guarantee. See more at FAQs

Optional Services and Renewals


  • Document templates can be purchased individually. Check out the collection.
  • Google Ads click packages can be purchased with all plans.

For Business Brokers

ExitAdviser's BrokerBoard™ is a listings management platform for brokers, realtors, and advisors. The service comes with a comprehensive set of valuation and selling tools, plus an end-to-end collection of legal forms and templates (30+ documents). Check the plans below. Or read more about the BrokerBoard platform.

BrokerBoard S
A service to manage up to 7 business-for-sale listings

BrokerBoard M
A service to manage up to 15 listings

BrokerBoard L
A service to manage up to 30 listings

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